NOTHINGTON (Punkrock, San Francisco)
Nothington is a band from San Francisco, CA. Most describe Nothington as sounding somewhere between Social Distortion and Leatherfeace. Fans of PBR beer, Irish Whiskey and overall irresponsible behavior will like this music… At least that has been the case thus far. Their blend of gruff vocals and sing along melodies makes their music good to put on for a long drive or just for having a beer on the coach with some friends. Their first record titled „All In“ came out in 2007 and was followed up by 2009’s slightly more aggressive release „Roads Bridges and Ruins“ on BYO Records.
ZOO ESCAPE (Punkrock, München)
Hier haben nicht nur ’77 Punk sondern auch die Texte von Bob Dylan, Stones-Gitarren und Rock’n’Roll-Rhythmen ihren Einfluss gehabt…
Offen ist erst ab 21 Uhr, da das Kafe davor noch anderweitig genutzt wird. Dann soll es aber zügig losgehen.