corechaosofficial proudly present: MICHAEL CERA PALIN (Emo/ Indie-Punk, USA) + FEALE (Emo/Gaze, Dresden/Chemnitz) + BEACH CHURCH (Post-Midwest-Emo, München/Berlin
Friday, 01.03.2024 | Doors: 20:00 | Start: 21:00 | Kafe Marat, Munich

We investigate the bittersweet in subtly sassy (Midwest-)Emo & Powerpop for our third CoreChaos show in 2024 and have invited American Emo/Indie-Rock outfit Michael Cera Palin and the thrilling FEALE from Chemnitz & Dresden alongside CoreChaos resident’s Beach Church into our beloved underground-haven at Kafe Marat.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, their collaborative songwriting process and diverse range of genre influences speak to their commitment to authenticity and creativity. Formed in 2015, their debut EP, „Growing Pains,“ embodies the essence of the late Midwest-/early 5th Wave Emo-sound. Their sophomore release, „I Don’t Know How To Explain It,“ further solidified their place in the scene as more than just another emo band, but as storytellers navigating the complexities of life through raw emotion and unfiltered expression.

Emo-aficionados Feale & Beach Church round out our rite of feelings with their likeminded DIY approach to music.
Feale from Dresden/Chemnitz blend Shoegaze-infused Indie-Rock with sometimes soft then again uneasy blueish undertones. Amidst the substantial dose of melancholy within, Annalena’s dreamy yet powerful vocals, paired with chorus-laden guitars and punchy drums create a captivating, occasionally playful sound, that’d be foolish to miss.

Just like Michael Cera Palin, Beach Church walk the line between complex Midwest- and witty 5th Wave Emo with a non-hierarchic perspective on live performances, with ever-changing singers bringing their own thoughts and interpretations into their meme-culture schooled, off-beat sound & humour – this time joined by Oakhands’ versatile and incendiary vocalist Luke Gündogar!