konzert gegen das schengen abkommen. anstatt bewegungsfreiheit für wenige privilegierte wollen wir das sich jeder mensch frei bewegen kann. deswegen weg mit schengen und weg mit allen grenzen freedom of movement is everybodys right
es spielen slowa we krwi anarcho punk aus polen und ein kein kompromiss (hardcore aus münchen)
für alle die wissen möchten warum das konzert ausgefallen ist
hier ne mail von slowa we krwi
i dont know from what i should start…we are really sorry we didnt come to your concert..we had fucking big problems on the border FUCK THE BORDRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we had really long control of the car and personal control, drug tests:( ten we had problems with police because border policeman didnt shut the dor wright and one backpack went out from the car and we didnt know about it. some police foud it and thought as a bomb..the same people from our van who wanted to take back…fuck DISASTER we spend there another few hours there…it was 1 am and we decided to go to nurnmerg and we are here…sorry one more time we didnt come and sorry we didnt contacted but we ve lost our papers with the adresses and phone numbers:( i would realy like to meet you and spednd some time and say sorry one more time…we really wanted to come..really 🙁
fuck the borders, fuck the police
take care