ACHTUNG! Ein tolles Konzert an einem Montag!
Wir freuen uns sehr, Mr Heart aus Manchester und the ascension begrüßen zu dürfen. Außerdem mit dabei sind Sally Rides.
Mr Heart (UK)
‚Mr Heart‘ screech, wail, and shudder through their live set. Their intensity of sound immerses listeners and keeps them guessing with interesting rhythms and a rollercoaster of dynamic. Flailing guitars give way to menacing beats and rumbling bass, whilst urgent vocals soar above the post-punk chaos. A band not to be missed.’
Live review from Salford Music
the ascension (UK)
‚The ascension’…..a band in and also out of time in a sense due to the obvious influence of socially conscious and ardently non conformist bands and writers of the past. Described as „brutally frank, angry, and politically astute“ by Bob Osborne (Salford radio) and „Sounding like a modern day Joy Division and The Cure“ by website ‚The Manc Review‘. With an eclectic taste and two writers/singers in the fold many concoctions have been brought to the melting pot. Whether it’s the accessible pop melody and danceability of „Last Fall“, the electronic dub polemic of „The Rift“, or the all out post-punk fury of „Useless Gift“ the ascension always have something to say and an interesting way to say it!
Sally Rides (Muc)
Einlass ab 20 Uhr
Konzert 21 Uhr